Is it Safe for me to Return Home after Inpatient Treatment?

You have taken the first big step towards securing your sobriety by admitting yourself to an inpatient treatment facility. Now that your time in residential treatment is coming to an end, you will be considering the next step in your recovery journey, including whether you will return to your previous living situation upon successful completion of your treatment. This may be a viable option for you, or it could put you at significant risk for relapse. Here are some things you should consider when deciding whether you will return home after treatment or seek an alternate arrangement.

If you were living alone before entering treatment, returning home to an empty apartment could lead you to isolate just as you did in active addiction. The temptation to withdraw from the world and your recovery program could prove too strong in early sobriety, as your new healthy coping skills are not yet second nature to you. If you are adamant about returning to your home, you should at least consider asking someone you trust who cares about your sobriety to stay with you for a while, eliminating the possibility of your isolating and slacking on your recovery program.

On the other hand, if you were living with family before entering treatment a return home could prove problematic for a different set of reasons. When you were in active addiction, your relationship with your family members was likely distorted into a tangle of dysfunctional and enabling behaviors which will do you no favors now that you are in recovery. While these relationships can heal, often it is easier to undergo these repairs at a comfortable distance, rather than living with those same people you are trying to patch things up with. You should also consider your family’s opinion regarding your continued residency at their home, as they may be of the opinion that a break would be in everyone’s best interests as well. It would show growth and consideration on your part to ask them, rather than just assuming you will be welcomed home after treatment.

The decisions we make in early sobriety are vital to our continued recovery from substance abuse. One of the bigger decisions you will be faced with as you prepare to exit residential treatment is where you will live while you continue working on your recovery. Home is often the most comfortable option, but as you have likely learned during your time in treatment, comfort is not always conducive to the growth we need in recovery. You should speak with your sponsor, therapist, and family members in order to determine what is best for you and your sobriety. At Evolutions, we have established a continuum of care which includes a seamless transition from inpatient treatment to our sober living facility for those clients who choose to enroll in our aftercare program. WE encourage you to enroll in our IOP program and transition to our sober living facility in order to build on the progress you’ve made in residential treatment and secure your sobriety.


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