Is it Safe for me to Start Dating in Recovery?

Once you have transitioned to sobriety from active addiction, your desire to experience all that life has to offer will be reignited within you. This includes the natural inclination for humans to seek companionship, and many in early recovery quickly grow impatient and wish to jump into the dating world as quickly as possible. This could prove perilous for your recovery for several reasons, so you should do some careful introspection and discuss your dating activity with your sponsor before taking this step.

Addicts often seek comfort and validation from others, and this behavior does not disappear simply because we have stopped our active substance abuse. We must work to establish a healthy level of self-esteem and belief in our own value in order to stop compulsively seeking external validation of our worth. If you are still in a mindset of low self-esteem, your motivation to enter the dating world may be stemming from your desire for validation from others which would do you more harm than good at this stage. Only you can truly know your intentions, so this is where careful and thorough introspection and rigorous self-honesty are key.

Another potential problem posed by patterns formed in our active addiction revolves around the dynamics we form in relationships. Active substance abusers become quite adept at manipulation, using this skill to foment codependency in our relationships in order to make it more difficult for our partners to escape us. This instinct to form a web in order to ensnare our partner lingers in sobriety, and only through the self-improvement work prescribed by the 12 steps can we rid ourselves of these destructive behavior patterns and engage in healthy relationships in recovery.

Dating is a natural part of the human experience and you should not have to deprive yourself of a partner in life for the sake of your sobriety. However, jumping back into the dating world too soon could prove detrimental to your recovery and happiness in life, as old behaviors remain instinctive and uncorrected within your mind. As with many other facets of the recovery process, rigorous honesty, careful introspection, and reliance on the wisdom of those who have tread the path of recovery before you are the tools you should use to craft the lens through which you examine dating as a possiblity for you in early recovery. Take these precautionary measures and you will know when the time is right for you to start looking for Mr. or Mrs. right for you!


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