Is it Safe to Attend Functions Where Alcohol is Served in Sobriety?

As we continue to live and grow in our recovery, it is always important to protect our sobriety as it is a precious gift enabling us to live a life of joy and freedom. However, we must strike a balance between prudent caution and a zeal for life. We do not recover from alcoholism to hide from the world in order to remain sober. Taking all of this into account, how can we best proceed when deciding whether or not to attend a social function where alcohol will be served?

First and foremost, you should discuss the situation with your sponsor and sober supports, as those close to you in recovery should have an accurate read on where you are in your sobriety. With the help of those around you, you can evaluate whether or not you are secure enough in your recovery to consider attending a function where alcohol will be available to you and those around you will be inebriated. Listen to the input of those around you and accept their opinion, even if that means skipping the function if most agree you are not ready to take that step.

Once you have determined you are stable in your recovery and able to attend the function in question, you should proactively establish a plan of action should a craving visit upon you while you are at the function. The best way to ensure you will not act on any temptation is to take a sober support along with you, as you can both hold each other accountable throughout your time at the event. If this is not a viable option for you, at the very least you should have several people whom you can call should you begin to feel uneasy. No matter what, you should have a foolproof exit strategy should these feelings of temptation linger and grow. Armed with a plan of action, you can proceed confidently and enjoy yourself while keeping your sobriety safe and intact.

A common saying in the rooms of recovery is that “we are not a glum lot.” One of the goals common among those attempting sobriety is to restore our passion for life and all it has to offer. To this end, we should not feel incapable of attending social functions where alcohol is being served so long as we are stable in our recovery and take steps to keep our sobriety protected. Once you have several months of continuous sobriety under your belt and are actively working a solid program of recovery, you should feel free to attend such functions, enjoying life to the fullest thanks to the gift of sobriety.


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