Is SMART Recovery a Viable Option for You?

Everyone’s recovery is as unique as they are, the one commonality being the enthusiasm required in order to keep up with your program. If one method or suggestion does not seem to be working for you, you should absolutely substitute in one which does. This applies to major components of your recovery program as well, including the recovery group you participate in. You may have had limited success in a 12-step based recovery program, and as a result are in the market for an alternative. Let’s take a brief look at SMART Recovery groups to determine whether or not they are an effective replacement for you.

SMART Recovery incorporates a similar style of peer-based support centered around a four point program designed to encourage the development of healthy coping skills to replace your substance abuse. SMART Recovery is rooted in the belief that we are not powerless over our compulsion to abuse substances, and that with effort we can modify our behavior and eliminate our addiction. This program may be well suited for you if you have found it difficult to accept a higher power into your life, as SMART Recovery is not based in spirituality but rather self-reliance and proactive behavior modification.

The differences between SMART Recovery may be beneficial to some but harmful to others. You should carefully examine and evaluate your motives behind this desire to switch up your recovery group, lest you be allowing your addiction to work its way back into your thought processes and decision making. An aversion to putting in the required effort to your recovery program is not a good reason to make this switch. Conflating the members of a particular 12-step recovery meeting with the 12-step program itself is another common mistake; if you are not meshing with the members of one particular meeting or clubhouse, try some other ones rather than writing off the program in its entirety.

Your journey in recovery is entirely your own. This freedom to determine your own path to long-term sobriety is a blessing, but carries a great deal of responsibility. It is important to put forth a genuine effort in your recovery program and to give the advice and suggestions of others a chance before dismissing them. However, 12-step recovery groups are not for everyone, and if you find yourself achieving limited success in your sobriety while activiely participating in such groups, then SMART Recovery may be an excellent option for your consideration.


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