Is Vivitrol Right for Me?

As you prepare to depart residential treatment and transition to IOP, your clinical team may be discussing a prescription for Vivitrol as part of your discharge plan. For those new to recovery and unfamiliar with a lot of these medications, Vivitrol is an injectable form of the opiate blocker Naltrexone which helps eliminate cravings for opiates in early sobriety. For opiate addicts, Vivitrol is an excellent addition to your recovery arsenal as it eliminates your ability to achieve the desired high from heroin and other painkillers. How can you determine if a Vivitrol prescription is a good idea for you?

Finances are a big concern for many in early sobriety, and you may be worried that a prescription for Vivitrol will not be affordable for you. Most health insurance plans cover the majority of the cost of this prescription, but it is possible the remaining copay would put an undue burden on your finances in early sobriety. If this is the case, there is a way for you to receive a Vivitrol prescription at no cost to you! Many IOP programs offer Vivitrol as part of their treatment plan free of charge to their clients in order to further reduce the potential for relapse. IOP should already be on your list of activities in which to participate as part of your recovery program, but if it is not a Vivitrol prescription is a strong argument in favor of adding IOP to your routine.

There is a common misconception in the rooms of recovery that Vivitrol is ineffective at preventing cravings for opiates and is a waste of time. Buying into this pessimistic narrative without doing any research for yourself would be what the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous refers to as “contempt prior to investigation.” While every person has a unique response to prescription medication, there is no harm in giving Vivitrol a try, as there are minimal side effects to this prescription and the potential benefits would greatly improve your chances at success in long term sobriety.

Vivitrol is an excellent tool to minimize cravings for opiates in early sobriety. While you may have concerns about the affordability and efficacy of this injectable form of Naltrexone, it is worth doing some investigating and research on your own to determine if a Vivitrol prescription is an option for you. At Evolutions Treatment Center, we offer Vivitrol injections as part of our IOP program at no cost to our clients, as our main focus is reducing the risk of relapse among our graduates who opt to participate in our IOP program. Even if you are not an alumni of Evolutions inpatient treatment, you can still enroll in our IOP program and get on a Vivitrol regimen! Call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and let us help you succeed in achieving long term sobriety.