King Baby Syndrome and Addiction

Substance abuse is often a symptom of an underlying personality disorder that has been left to flourish untreated in the addict. One personality disorder common in those suffering from addiction is known as King Baby Syndrome. Aptly named, a person who has developed King Baby Syndrome thinks of themselves as the most important thing in the world (the King) while simultaneously feeling their every need should be met immediately (the Baby). Let’s examine the hallmarks of King Baby Syndrome and the ways it may complicate a person’s attempts at sobriety.

An individual with King Baby Syndrome will seek out a responsible, nurturing partner whom they can manipulate and coerce into providing for their every desire. They may vacillate between domineering and pitiful behavior, whichever method gets them what it is they want in that moment. Relationships with these individuals often start out happy, as they come across as fun and confident people. However, this fun quickly sours as only one person in the relationship is shouldering all the responsibility for both parties, constantly catering to the needs and desires of the King Baby in their life until, exhausted, they end the relationship, giving King Baby a new means of extracting pity and favors from those left in their life.

King Baby Syndrome presents a particularly thorny problem when it comes to administering treatment for a substance abuse disorder. First, these individuals are firmly entrenched in the idea they are flawless creatures who could not possibly require treatment for addiction, so even getting them to admit they have a problem and should attend an inpatient treatment center is an uphill battle. Once they enter treatment, their notions of who they are and what their place is in the world must be confronted and modulated to better reflect a healthy reality. This is best accomplished through talk therapy, as a therapist can point out the incongruities between the patient’s perception of their world and the reality of their world. It is essential this personality disorder be treated alongside the addiction. If not, the patient is at a far greater risk of relapse upon returning to their life after treatment, as the problematic behaviors and thoughts will remain unchanged.

Addictions are formed as an unhealthy coping mechanism for underlying emotional and psychological issues which are plaguing the addict. One such mental disorder that often leads to substance abuse is King Baby Syndrome. This personality disorder can easily lead the sufferer to develop a substance abuse problem, as one of its main components is a strong desire for instant gratification. It is vastly important that treatment for a King Baby’s substance abuse disorder coincides with treatment for the underlying personality disorder. Without addressing all facets of the patient’s mental health, relapse remains more than likely for the addict. At Evolutions, we understand the complexity of patients with dual diagnoses, and our seasoned clinicians are well-equipped to handle such cases. If you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse in addition to another confirmed or suspected mental health issue, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 so we may restore clarity and peace to their life.


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