Let's Get Existential with Evolutions

Finding the Purpose Within

Understanding your Self through a psychoanalytic lens means to conceive your mind as being comprised of 3 primary components: Your biological drives within pushing out from the inside, forces of influence pressing upon you from the outside, and that mediator who is You, caught in the middle of an ongoing negotiation between everything inside you, and everything outside of you.

The internal component of impulses, instincts and drives is your Id that began at your conception. The external component comprised of those societal norms and cultural values imposed on you is your Superego found in your environment at birth. That self-consciousness that constantly negotiates between inner drives and outer influences is your Ego, constantly developing, learning and working with the aim to reach an acceptable agreement by which its existence may survive or thrive.

When you use your substance of choice, (or poison), you ultimately seek to suspend your Superego,  that is to shut down or at least silence the voice of your higher morals and values. The reason you desire to shut down the voice of your Superego is naturally to set your Id free, so it may freely do as it Will with no restrain. Having put your Superego to sleep, your knowledge of what is right and what is wrong temporarily vanishes, and in its stead reigns your animal Id, a beast with no conscience. In that intoxicated state, you do and behave in ways you would