Living a Life of Recovery

Many addicts in early recovery find themselves with a plethora of free time on their hands now that they aren’t consumed with the daily task of finding and using their substance of choice. We all know idle hands are the devil’s plaything, so what can we do to best use and enjoy this free time? There are plenty of fun and engaging activities for those in early recovery to participate in. Here are some ideas of things to pencil in to your daily schedule in place of drug use.

In addition to 12-step meetings, often AA or NA members will form their own groups outside of the meetings. These groups are based around interests or activities you may enjoy participating in. Bowling leagues, softball teams, art appreciation groups – these are just a few of the many activities available to you. If you find you have a unique interest that lacks a group, consider founding one! You can be sure that with the amount of people active in the rooms of AA and NA, you will find others who share your interest.

Regular exercise promotes a healthy mind and body, giving you increased energy throughout the day and improved sleep at night. For addicts new in recovery, this energy boost and sleep aid could be a crucial addition to your routine as your brain chemistry adjust to the new normal of life without substances. Additionally, I know I feel a marked improvement in my self-esteem when I have taken the time to exercise during the day, and most people in recovery report a similar increase in self-esteem. A daily exercise routine is an excellent use of some of your newfound free time in sobriety.

I make it a point to ask people who share about relapse in AA or NA meetings what they think led to their return to substances. More often than not they report boredom as a result of too much unscheduled free time played a significant role in their relapse. As an addict new in recovery, it is important you do not leave yourself with hours of free time, as this is an easy way to slip into boredom and a situation primed for relapse. At Evolutions Treatment Center, we provide support for your transition into a life of sobriety, complete with counseling, peer groups, and transitional housing. Call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and inquire about outpatient programs available to assist you in early recovery.


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