Living in Faith Rather than Fear - An Important Part of Sobriety

In our active addiction we allowed fear to run our lives, motivating our actions and decisions day to day. This is problematic for a whole host of reasons, the main reason being that fear prompts us to act and think irrationally. Our fears do not leave us when we discontinue our substance abuse, in fact they are usually magnified now that we are no longer numbing ourselves with drugs and alcohol. Without the unhealthy coping mechanism that was our substance abuse, we need a new way to combat fear in our lives. There is one true antidote to fear, and that is faith in your higher power!

When we allow fear to fester and grow in our minds, we are giving power to that which we fear. This could be anything from a manager at work who is displeased with our performance to the coronavirus currently spreading throughout the country. If we do not confront these fears and eliminate them from our minds, we ineviatably allow them to dictate our actions and decisions. A person driven by fear is averse to change and avoids anything new in life, viewing change as a threat to their routine and existence. This is antithetical to a life in recovery, as we get sober in order to grow and change in order to better ourselves and our relationship with our higher power.

How can we let go of fear and grow our faith? We need to reconnect with our higher power, and the best way to connect with God is through prayer. Getting into the habit of praying in the mornings and in the evenings will allow your higher power to enter your life, removing fear and replacing it with peace and hope. This process occurs gradually over time, and your successful replacement of fear with faith also requires action on your part. You must demonstrate your trust in your higher power through approaching life with zeal and enthusiasm, accepting risks while maintaining willingness to try new things. The more you demonstrate your faith through action, the more you will feel your higher power working in your life to guide and protect you.

We need to let go of fear just as we let go of our substance of choice if we are to live and grow in our recovery. Fear is a poor motivator, as it spurs us to act and make decisions irrationally, often at the expense of our success in life. This is why it is so important to replace our fear with faith, allowing our higher power to guide our actions and decision rather than our fears. As with everything in recovery, building faith and removing fear is a lifelong process, as fear is a natural part of the human experience. So long as you maintain your connection to your higher power through prayer, asking for his help every day to remove fear from your heart and mind, you are well on your way to living in faith and succeeding in your recovery!