Making Healthy Choices in Recovery

One of the gifts we receive in sobriety is the restoration of choice in our lives. When we were actively abusing substances, our addiction determined most aspects of our day – our activities, behaviors, mood, all were at the mercy of our substance of choice. Now that you are free from the burden of active addiction, it is important to exercise your new gift of choice in a healthy, positive manner. You may struggle with everyday choices at first, full of fear and uncertainty when faced with any decision. There are a few things you can do to ease your mind and ensure you are making the right choice, and the more experience you gain making healthy choices the easier it will become.

When you find yourself confronted with a decision early in your recovery, you should share it with those close to you who value your sobriety as much as you do. Your sponsor and sober supports are there to be a sounding board for your ideas when it comes to the choices you are faced with in your life, no matter how small they may seem to you. Their feedback is an invaluable teaching tool that will reveal much about your way of thinking as well as your motives. Use this information as you train yourself to make healthy decisions, even if it means sacrificing immediate gratification of your desires.

Another gift of sobriety (that some also consider a curse!) is the return of your conscience. Your conscience never really left you, it was just muted by the numbing effects of your substance abuse. Now that you are sober, you’ve likely started experiencing those pangs of conscience again. That feeling in the pit of your stomach when you know you’ve done something which goes against your beliefs and values, or the sense of satisfaction and self-esteem you feel when you’ve done something good. Often these “gut feelings” are the most accurate indicators as to what is the right decision you should be making. You should listen to these gut instincts and compare them to the advice you receive from others. You’ll be surprised how often you knew the right answer all along.

Free will and self-awareness are the defining characteristics of what make us human. While our addictions robbed us of our free will, sobriety restores our ability to make choices for ourselves. It is important to practice healthy decision-making early on in sobriety so that it becomes second nature for you. The best way to ensure the choices you are making are the right ones is through communicating about them with others as well as re-learning to listen to your conscience. In time, it will be instinctual for you to make the choices which are best for you and your sobriety.


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