Managing Anxiety Disorders while in Recovery

There is a common misconception among those in recovery that the only effective treatment option for an anxiety disorder is a benzodiazepine prescription. While that may have been the case years ago, the medical community has since recognized the harmful nature of these powerful drugs and has responded with a myriad of alternative therapies which help manage your anxiety without posing a threat to your sobriety. Let’s look at a few of these treatment options so you may work with your care provider to determine which is right for you.

For many suffering from excess stress and anxiety, a regular cardiovascular exercise regimen works wonders for alleviating these unpleasant feelings. Studies have shown a clear link between regular exercise and a decrease in levels of cortisol in the bloodstream, a primary indicator of stress. For those in recovery, an exercise routine has the added benefit of providing additional structure in your daily life, as well as boosting your self-esteem. These factors make regular cardiovascular exercise an excellent option for you to try out as a means to relieve your anxiety and stress.

Sometimes homeopathic remedies simply are not enough to alleviate the daily stress and anxiety for those suffering from an anxiety disorder. In these instances medication is an obvious remedy, but the potency of benzodiazepines and potential for addiction eliminates them as an option to alleviate daily stress in our lives. As an alternative, Gabapentin has been shown effective at treating the baseline daily symptoms of those living with an anxiety disorder, and does not come with the strong potential for abuse and addiction associated with the older, established medications for stress. If you have been trying a variety of homeopathic remedies for your daily anxiety and are unhappy with your results, talk with your primary care provider about trying this medication option to help alleviate your symptoms.

Anxiety disorders are a common diagnose in the United States today, and indeed many of those who develop a substance abuse disorder are only attempting to alleviate the symptoms of this mental illness. For those in recovery, traditional prescription remedies are far from ideal, as often it was those drugs which led us to the depths of our addiction in the first place. Luckily, modern medicine has provided us with alternative therapies proven effective to treat the common daily symptoms of anxiety disorders without threatening one’s recovery. If you are struggling with daily stress and anxiety, try the solutions mentioned here and you will be surprised at how effective they can be for you!