Managing Anxiety During Lockdowns

It appears that the infection rates across the country are increasing at an exponential rate, bringing a greatly heightened risk of infection to all of us. Regardless of whether or not there are mandatory curfews or lockdowns in your region presently, if the trajectory of infection rates continues on this path most of us will likely face these restrictions again in the coming weeks. Having already suffered through the stress and depression inducing isolation of the first round of lockdowns, what steps can you take to make this second round of restrictions less painful?

One difference between the last series of restrictions and those we are looking towards in the future is that we now have experience dealing with the day-to-day implications of curfews and lockdowns. The benefit of hindsight combined with our having time to prepare for a second round of restrictions has the potential to make this a much less shocking and abrupt transition to isolation. Use this time to gather any necessary supplies, preferably through online retailers so as not to deplete your local market’s stock of essentials. Besides these sundry items you want to have on hand, use this time to make a quarantine schedule and socialization plan. Arm yourself with a list of reliable contacts with whom you can interact with over FaceTime regularly in order to minimize feelings of loneliness. Having these things in place before the lockdown order is handed down can go a long way towards making experience less painful than the previous periods of restriction.

Once you’ve laid the necessary groundwork of preparing for the lockdown, there is only one thing left to do - wake up each day and make the most of the freedom afforded you while being mindful of guarding against the risk of infection in your life. Take some trips to your local park or beach, enjoy these safe outdoor areas while they remain an option for you. Use these outdoor spaces to socialize in person with your friends while the opportunity remains. Plan a group dinner at a restaurant which offers outdoor dining. Take advantage of these opportunities while they are available to you so that your “social battery” is fully charged heading into this second wave of infections and lockdowns.

The sad reality is that we as a nation failed to effectively curb the spread of coronavirus over the summer months. Due to the third wave of infections we are seeing across the country, it is very possible we will find ourselves under mandatory curfews and lockdowns in the coming weeks. This does not have to be as miserable an experience as it was the first time around so long as we use that earlier experience to inform our preparations for this next round of restrictions. With a little effort and proactivity on your part, you will be more than ready to get through any coming lockdowns with your mental and emotional health intact.


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