Managing Anxiety During the Pandemic

Addicts are notoriously averse to change, and the recent public health crisis has forced a whole new set of behaviors on everyone. From social distancing to stay-at-home orders, daily life as we know it has been disrupted in completely new ways. Our “new normal” brings with it new stressors while amplifying stressors previously present in our lives. As addicts, how can we handle this increase in stress without resorting to our old behaviors?

First, identify the sources of stress in your life. These could be people, places, situations, emotions, anything variable in your life which stresses you out. Two sources to which you may find yourself exposed to more often during this pandemic are boredom and family members. Following guidelines established by the government could mean finding yourself confined to your home with family members and few sources of entertainment. This could be a recipe for disaster for an addict early in recovery if they do not take steps to minimize the effect these stressors have on their lives.

There are options available to you when it comes to minimizing these stressors despite being stuck at home. When it comes to family members, open communication about where you are in your recovery and the effect that person or persons has on your sobriety is crucial. Keep the focus of the conversation on you and your needs, and avoid using accusatory language.

Avoiding boredom can be difficult when stuck at home, but it is possible. Try to establish a routine that includes a variety of activities throughout the day. Avoid being sucked into social media or news reports about the pandemic, as the flood of negative information can be stressful as well. Instead, take a break from screens with a good book or favorite board game. These are a few steps you can take to keep your anxiety under control during the pandemic.


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