Marijuana Friendly Halfway Houses

As marijuana continues to win legal status across the United States, in both medical and recreational use contexts, there has also been a proliferation of sober living facilities who advertise their acceptance of clients using marijuana while living in these homes. This attempt to lure those who have decided to engage in some sort of “marijuana maintenance” program is detrimental to those who reside there as well as to the recovery community as a whole. By allowing marijuana use in a sober home, these facilities are lending legitimacy to addiction treatment programs that prescribe marijuana as medication assisted treatment. This is problematic for a number of reasons, and anyone serious about recovery should avoid these programs and facilities at all costs.

First, we must all acknowledge and agree to the reality - marijuana is a drug, and if a person is using marijunana they are not sober. Even if you have acquired a medical marijuana card from a doctor after receiving a pertinent diagnosis, marijuana has a substantial impact on our minds and moods, meaning it is not feasible to use marijuana and consider yourself sober. There are exceptions to this rule of course, as cancer patients benefit significantly from the use of marijuana while there is a lack of alternative therapies for such patients. However, for those suffering from anxiety, depression, or chronic pain, there are alternative therapies which pose no threat to your sobriety. You should pursue these avenues as opposed to falling back on a mind and mood altering substance to alleviate your symptoms.

For those who have received a marijuana prescription, allow me to apologize on behalf of the treatment industry as it has clearly failed you. Giving an addict in recovery a prescription for marijuana is like giving a gambling addict an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas. Marijuana IS a drug, the same as alcohol or opiates. There are virtually no contexts in which a person in recovery should be regularly using marijuana, and certainly not while residing with others attempting recovery in a sober living facility. If you are serious about succeeding in recovery, you should absolutely cease your marijuana use and seek more traditional medically assisted treatment programs which utilize prescriptions with proven efficacy. Additionally, you should find a sober living facility which prohibits all mind and mood altering substances and encourages residents to be active in a 12-step recovery program.

It is truly astonishing and discouraging to see sober living facilities allow residents to use marijuana. This dangerous practice is detrimental to the recovery programs of all those residing there, as marijuana is a gateway drug that leads addicts back to their substance of choice time and time again. For those looking for medically assisted treatment, you should enroll in a program which relies on traditional, proven medications such as Suboxone or Naltrexone. Ultimately, we get sober to end or dependence on all substances, so ideally you should be striving to end your dependence on any prescription. At Evolutions, we believe in homeopathic therapies to alleviate any negative symptoms you experience in early sobriety. If you are interested in learning more about such alternative therapies while receiving support in your early recovery, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and inquire about enrolling in our outpatient program so we may help cement you in your sobriety!