Marijuana’s Effects on Mental Health

As marijuana has continued to garner a positive reputation as an alternative treatment for various mental health issues, it is especially important for those with dual diagnosis to obtain a realistic and objective evaluation of the effects marijuana has on one’s mental health. While there are healthcare providers who will happily attest to marijuana’s positive effect on those suffering from depression and anxiety, a closer look at the situation raises more questions than answers. For those suffering from a dual diagnosis, let’s examine whether marijuana is really a viable treatment option for your mental health disorder.

First and foremost, scientific studies refute the notion that marijuana lacks a potential for habit formation. Here at Evolutions, we have had countless clients with a physical and psychological dependence on marijuana come through our treatment program, further anecdotal evidence for marijuana’s addictive potential. For those suffering from either dual diagnosis or a mental health disorder, treating your symptoms with an addictive substance is inviting a whole new host of problems into your life. This reason alone should be enough to discourage anyone from attempting a marijuana regimen to treat their mental health disorder, but there are additional problems marijuana presents users which could greatly impact your life.

Scientists have demonstrated through repeated studies that not only does marijuana reduce a person’s motivation in their daily lives, but regular marijuana use often lower’s an individual’s IQ over time. The latter effect is especially startling, as a person’s IQ is generally stable over their lifetime, so any drop would likely be permanent. This is hardly a worthwhile trade off for those suffering from a mental health disorder, as there are alternative therapies available which do not present such serious long-term side effects for patients. At Evolutions, we believe in a holistic approach for the treatment of mental health disorders, with an emphasis on individualized therapy sessions and the restoration of healthy neurochemical balance through diet, exercise, and proven medication regimens. We are sure you will agree this sort of treatment plan is far less damaging to your overall health than a marijuana prescription to treat your anxiety or depression.

Marijuana is a powerful drug whose long-term health effects are still largely unknown to the scientific community. In spite of this lack of foundational knowledge, marijuana has grown popular as a treatment for mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, marijuana’s effects on a person’s mental health are substantial, negative, and often permanent. The addictive potential of marijuana combined with its detrimental effects on a patient’s motivation and IQ should be more than enough to persuade you to seek alternatives to this dangerous treatment for your mental health disorder.

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