Medical Marijuana – Good or Bad as Treatment for Substance Abuse?

In recent years we have seen a dramatic shift in tone when it comes to societal and government views on marijuana. It has become a panacea for ailments ranging from anxiety to diabetic neuropathy. More recently medical marijuana has begun to gain some traction in the recovery community as an alternative to traditional MAT protocols. However, there is little evidence demonstrating the efficacy of marijuana as a treatment for substance abusers, and the dangers far outweigh the potential upside.

First, marijuana does not have a demonstrable impact, direct or indirect, on receptors in the brain associated with addiction. This means it serves no purpose when it comes to diminishing cravings in addicts. Its sole therapeutic function is that of replacement – the high achieved through marijuana use is simply replacing the high achieved through the use of your substance of choice. This method of “recovery” has been attempted by addicts for many years now, and the vast majority of the time we see the addict return to their substance of choice, as the high provided by marijuana does not satiate their appetite for an altered state of mind.

Additionally, marijuana itself is an addictive mind-altering substance. It has substantial effects on a person’s mood, energy levels, cognition, and memory. Unlike traditional, proven medications for substance abuse disorders, marijuana would significantly reduce your ability to function in day to day life, and would certainly limit your abilities in a work environment. This is hardly a worthwhile trade-off considering the other options available to you. The addictive nature of marijuana combined with a lack of treatment duration protocols in place almost guarantees the development of psychological and physical dependence on the drug as well, completely defeating the purpose. Most people enter substance abuse treatment to end their dependence on medications, not to trade one dependence for another. If you wish to achieve long-term sobriety on your terms, it is best to avoid this perilous and unproven method of treatment.

At Evolutions Treatment Center, we believe in a holistic approach to the treatment of your substance abuse disorder. Combining traditional MAT methodologies with a custom designed wellness regimen has proven effective for our clients time and time again.

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