Meditation for Stress Relief

Addicts and Alcoholics learned early on that their substance of choice would completely alleviate any negative feelings they were experiencing, including stress and anxiety. Our reliance on substances to solve our emotional problems stunts our development of healthy, positive coping mechanisms and prevents our processing these feelings and moving past them. Now that you have transitioned to sobriety, it is important you work to develop skills to handle your emotions. Meditation is an excellent tool to alleviate stress and anxiety in your daily life in a healthy, positive manner.

You should practice meditation at least once a day in order to improve your ability in this activity. Set aside time in the morning and evening, fifteen minutes each, and sit quietly by yourself and focus on the thoughts and feelings which are floating through your consciousness. Examine these thoughts and feelings, seeking to understand why they are occurring to you so you can either alter the source of these negative feelings or give it over to your higher power depending on the situation.

Meditation is an art which takes a lifetime to master, much like recovery itself. You should not approach meditation with any expectations for immediate results, as expectations will only lead to disappointment and discourage you from continuing to work on your meditation skills. Instead, you should proceed with an open mind and enjoy the time to yourself during which you can examine your thought processes and emotions. This practice will provide you a better understanding of yourself and your instincts and motives, and understanding is the first step towards change and improvement.

Stress and anxiety are facts of life, all we can do is work to minimize their impact in our daily lives. One tool available to all those in recovery which can eliminate feelings of stress during the day is meditation. As a person in early recovery, developing and refining your coping skills such as meditation is a vital part of succeeding in recovery, as without a positive means to process your feelings you will inevitably return to your substance of choice. At Evolutions Treatment Center, we understand the importance of these coping skills and our custom tailored treatment programs designed for each client include lessons to impart these skills to the patient. If you are struggling in active addiction or in early recovery, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 so we may help you restore mental clarity and build your coping skills so you may succeed in your new life in recovery!