Mental Illnesses and Addiction – End the Vicious Cycle

Mental illnesses plague millions of Americans in today’s society. Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder – these serious diseases can easily lead you to self-medicate through substance abuse. Addiction accompanied by additional mental health diagnoses is a situation known as dual diagnosis. It is important to properly treat both the addiction itself as well as any other mental illnesses in order to secure your recovery.

Individuals with dual diagnosis are faced with a battle on two fronts. On the one hand, you have developed a substance abuse disorder. On the other, you have an untreated mental illness which is likely contributing to your continued substance use. This situation requires a two-pronged treatment approach, simultaneously addressing both your addiction as well as your mental illness. Treating one while neglecting the other would prove ineffective, as both diseases feed into and upon each other. It is important to choose a treatment facility whose clinical staff are equipped to treat dual diagnosis patients, lest your addiction be treated while your mental illness is left unaddressed.

At Evolutions Treatment Center, we understand the importance of addressing all aspects of your health so you can fully recover from your addiction. This includes identifying and properly treating any previously unaddressed mental illnesses. Our therapist and clinicians are well versed in identifying any underlying mental illnesses which may have been previously overlooked. It is important you be completely honest with the staff at Evolutions regarding any feelings of depression or anxiety you are experiencing during your time at residential treatment so we may address these issues before they lead you to relapse. As long as you remain honest and willing to put in the work, recovery is possible even for those individuals with dual diagnoses.

Mental illness can often be a catalyst for developing a substance abuse disorder. Our bodies are designed to crave substances which alleviate symptoms of illnesses we are suffering from. Alcohol and illicit drugs often relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression, while exacerbating the underlying disease itself. At Evolutions, we have developed a holistic treatment protocol which is able to properly assist those suffering from dual diagnoses. We have a track record of success with such individuals, and can help you overcome these obstacles and achieve long term sobriety. Call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 so we may help you recover from your illnesses and achieve a life beyond your wildest dreams.


Evolutions is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in beautiful South Florida. Our holistic approach to addiction treatment centers around addressing and healing the underlying issues at the root of addiction, rather than merely medicating symptoms away.

Our treatment program includes individual and group-based therapy to help clients understand and manage their symptoms and emotions.

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