Minorities in 12-Step Recovery Groups

For those attempting sobriety for the very first time, you have hopefully been introduced to a 12-step recovery program, either during your stay at a residential treatment center or upon successful completion of a treatment program. 12-step recovery groups are an incredibly effective tool for sobriety, as they guide you through some necessary self-examination and improvement in order to eliminate negative behaviors and thought patterns. The beautiful thing about these groups is their prevalence in society today guarantees a diversity among its members, ensuring you have the opportunity to find sober supports who share an understanding of your specific cultural concerns.

Recovery groups like AA and NA are formed by members of the surrounding area, which means your local AA or NA groups will reflect the demographics and cultures of your community. For those who deal with a particularly severe cultural stigma surrounding addiction, this fact can help alleviate any feelings of apprehension regarding your joining a local 12-step group. You can rest assured there will be supportive members of your local AA or NA chapter who understand the struggles you may be facing with disapproving family and friends who do not understand the disease of addiction, and who instead lean into their cultural beliefs regarding addiction as a sign of weakness or inferiority. They have successfully achieved a life of sobriety despite these obstacles, and can show you the way to do the same.

For members of the African-American community seeking to recover from their addiction, you may find your family and friends emphasizing your participation in the local church rather than a 12-step recovery program. While religion offers many of the same supports as AA or NA programs, it does so in a context that some may find oppressive or unwelcoming depending on the church in question. It is certainly worth exploring your local houses of worship to see if they offer positive support for your sobriety, but it is not advisable to discontinue your attendance at 12-step recovery meetings. You will find the understanding and experience you need to help you on your journey in recovery in a 12-step recovery group far more easily than you will at your local church.

If you are earnest in your attempt to achieve lasting recovery, you should avail yourself of the support and knowledge offered by 12-step recovery programs. For minorities this can be especially crucial, as you are faced with the additional obstacle of an ingrained stigma surrounding addiction within your community. At Evolutions, we are mindful of the specific concerns and difficulties faced by minority community members attempting sobriety, which is why we craft customized treatment plans so we may ensure any concerns specific to the individual are addressed. If you or a loved on is suffering in active addiction, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 so we may help them start on their path to recovery.


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