Morning Meditation - A Useful Tool to Set the Day’s Tone

In our active addiction, we usually dread waking up and facing the morning. Our mindset is immediately pessimistic and anxiety-ridden, as we dwell on the effort we must go through to feed our daily habit in addition to the responsibilities we continue to neglect. This overwhelming burden of thought would set the tone for our day, and unless we change this pattern in our sobriety our days will continue to be exhausting and filled with stress and anxiety. Meditation is an excellent morning activity which will ground you, restore your serenity, and allow you to proceed into the day with a positive mindset.

Meditation is all about being in the present moment, pulling your conscious mind back into the now and establishing awareness of your current state. This is particularly beneficial as a morning activity due to our tendency to allow the concerns of yesterday to bleed over into our conscious mind the following morning. Rather than allowing this worried mindset to be the start of your day, use meditation to clear your mind, let go of yesterday’s concerns, and face the day with an open mind and optimistic outlook.

Meditation also forces us to pause and take time to relax, rather than rush through our morning routine with no time to spare. This will require you to get into the habit of waking up earlier than you would otherwise, but the reward is more than worth the extra effort. Waking up earlier will also give you time to slow down in your morning routine, as starting the day off feeling pressed for time instantly throws you into a tense and anxious mindset. Giving yourself an extra half hour each morning to meditate and mentally prepare for the day will work wonders when it comes to keeping you stress free and optimistic in your daily life.

Mornings are an important time of day for a person, as your morning establishes the tempo and mood of your day. In our active addiction, mornings were avoided until the last possible second, as we resisted waking up and facing the day due to the weight of our neglected responsibilities and the insatiable need to feed our addiction. Now that you have transitioned to sobriety, you should strive to redefine your mornings as a time for mindfulness through meditation, setting a more positive and relaxed tone for the day ahead. Tweaking your morning routine to allow for meditation will go a long way towards helping you remain centered in your recovery and secure in your sobriety!

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