Motivating Yourself to Get Sober in 2021

In our active addiction it can be difficult to see any light in our lives as our perspective is severely limited by our substance abuse. This lack of acknowledgement of any positives in our lives can make it very difficult to summon the motivation to seek sobriety and put forth effort towards recovery from our addiction. How can we remove the blinders our addiction has placed on our vision enough to gather the motivation to make a change and get sober?

While your perspective is hampered by your disease, those loved ones around you can see clearly and have an accurate picture of the harmful nature of your addiction. It is difficult to speak to those around you about your substance abuse, as they surely do not approve of it and have suffered alongside of you at the hands of your addiction. In spite of this uncomfortablility, talking openly with your loved ones about your current situation in life could be just the thing to broaden your perspective so you can see the opportunities available to you should you choose to get sober.

If you are unwilling or unable to communicate with your loved ones about your current position in life, educating yourself about the disease of addiction may provide you inspiration to seek recovery. Information about the disease of addiction is readily available online, and the facts outlined about the inevitable results of continued substance abuse may provide motivation through fear. While this is not a viable long-term motivation to get sober, if it prompts you to seek help with your substance abuse problem and enter a treatment center then it is a useful tool, a bridge to short-term sobriety and mental clarity which will permit you to build additional motivation in order to stay sober in the long term.

Motivating yourself to get sober is no easy task, as your addiction severely detracts from your perspective and ability to see positive aspects and opportunities in your life. While the depths of your disease blind you to reality, there are still ways for you to build a window through which you can see the potential sobriety offers you. At the end of the day, it does not matter from where you motivation flows so long as it is substantial enough for you to take action and seek help for your disease. Once you have detoxed from your substance of choice and your mind is clear, you will be able to pull motivation from additional sources and continue your journey in recovery!