Music as a Stress Relief Tool

In our active addiction, our substance of choice functioned as a coping mechanism for any negative or uncomfortable feelings we encountered in our day to day lives. Now that you are living in recovery, it is imperative you seek out new, healthy coping skills to alleviate stress and anxiety in your life. Simply getting sober does not eliminate these negative feelings in our lives, and it is crucial we arm ourselves with new tools to combat these feelings in order to avoid relapse. Music is one such tool which can be used to relieve stress and anxiety, and its an easy for you to give it a try!

Music is a powerful stimuli for humans, conjuring up associated memories and feelings, giving it the power to alter our mood and perspective in just a few moments. Listening to certain songs can allow you to harken back to a joyful, peaceful time in your life, clearing your mind and grounding you in a feeling of serenity and security. This meditative process is an easy one for you to practice. Spend a few minutes creating a few playlists centered around common emotional themes - a happy, energetic playlist, a peaceful, pensive one. Next time you are feeling stressed or depressed, try listening to one of your playlists on shuffle for a few minutes. You will be amazed how effective a tool music can be at improving your mood.

The healing power of music has been known to humans for centuries. Listening to and enjoying music can be a meditative experience if you focus your full attention on the song being played. Music can be an excellent tool to help you overcome feelings of stress, anxiety, and even depression. These feelings are a natural part of life, and while you previously self-medicated to eliminate them from your mind this unhealthy behavior is no longer a viable option for you. At Evolutions Treatment Center, we strive to impart healthy coping skills to our clients so they are equipped to handle stress and anxiety when it visits upon them in sobriety. Music is one such tool you can use as you continue on your journey in recovery, give it a try today!


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