Music Therapy at Evolutions Treatment Center

Evolutions Treatment Center is founded on the premise that a holistic approach to substance abuse treatment is the most effective way to foster and promote long-term sobriety in our clients. In light of this founding principle, we have incorporated music therapy into our curriculum of therapies available to our clients. For those who have never attended a treatment center offering this therapeutic activity, let’s explore what music therapy consists of in the context of substance abuse treatment.

There are two treatment goals behind music therapy, the first of which is developing an appreciation for music as a healthy coping skill to combat stress and anxiety. At Evolutions, we work to instill music appreciation in our clients through sessions of meditation complemented by a music soundtrack. These periods of focused listening are structured to engender feelings of peace and serenity in our clients, demonstrating to them the powerful effects music can have on their emotions and mindset.

The second treatment goal behind music therapy is to develop music as a creative outlet for our clients. To this end, the team at Evolutions have enlisted the Miami-based singer/songwriter Megan Morrison to run these music therapy sessions with our clients, bringing her knowledge and experience with music composition to patients so they may nurture and grow their own musical potential. These treatment sessions offer clients basic music composition education along with the opportunity to put this knowledge to use as clients express themselves through music composition with the help and guidance of an experienced professional musician.

Music Therapy is one of many therapeutic offerings incorporated into the holistic treatment program here at Evolutions Treatment Center. We believe in the potential healing benefits music has to offer our clients, both as a means to cope with stress as well as a creative outlet for emotional processing. In order to provide top level care for our clients, we have retained Megan Morrison, a seasoned musician and performer, to impart her knowledge and experience regarding music to our clients. If you are seeking treatment for your substance abuse disorder, call our Admissions Counselors at any time at 833-818-3031 and find out more about the various holistic treatment methods we offer to help you achieve lasting sobriety.


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