Outpatient Treatment – A Safety Net Against Relapse

For those whose recovery journey began at an inpatient residential treatment center, you may feel as though your relationship with that center came to an end upon your successful completion of their inpatient program. This does not have to be the case. In fact, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of any Outpatient or Aftercare programs your center offers in order to ease your transition back into “normal life” and to further guard against relapse. At Evolutions Treatment Center, we offer multiple levels of care once a patient has completed inpatient treatment, all of which center around continuing to build on your sobriety and relapse prevention.

An Outpatient treatment program offers you an additional layer of accountability in your recovery. There are weekly peer-led meetings as well as check-ins with a counselor, all of whom will be sure to point out any concerns they have when it comes to the choices you are making and behaviors you are engaging in. Many of these peers will be clients you are familiar with from your time in inpatient treatment, so you should feel comfortable an uninhibited in your communication with them.

In addition to this layer of accountability, an outpatient program provides structure and routine in your life. The regularly scheduled meetings are a requirement of the program to ensure your consistent participation – slacking on attendance of recovery meetings in early sobriety is a sure sign of trouble, and the goal of our outpatient program is to minimize this instability. Mandatory attendance has proven an effective motivational tool to keep clients engaged in their recovery and at arm’s length from relapse.

You can never put too many things between yourself and relapse, and an outpatient program is an excellent option for you in early recovery. At Evolutions Treatment Center, we offer several levels of outpatient care depending on where you are in your recovery. These programs provide accountability and routine in your daily life so that you are more likely to catch yourself indulging in bad behaviors well before a relapse occurs. Call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and find out what outpatient program would be the best fit for you!


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