Outpatient Treatment – Stay Connected to your Recovery Base

Now that you are getting back to a normal life in sobriety, you may want to start dedicating more of your time to newfound hobbies and activities rather than your intensive outpatient treatment. There is an option available to you which would allow you to continue attending group therapy as well as sessions with your counselor while lessening the required hours of attendance. Outpatient therapy, as the name implies, is a less intensive program which is the perfect step down for you from intensive outpatient therapy. Here is a brief overview of the concept of outpatient therapy and what it would entail for you.

You will be attending group sessions just as you did in intensive outpatient, but with significantly less frequency. This facilitates your continued connection to those sober supports you have developed among the group members while leaving you substantially more freedom in your schedule for newly discovered pastimes. This is the ideal scenario for you as you continue to grow in your recovery. Think of outpatient therapy like doubling the length of the tether that was intensive outpatient – you are still secured to a program of accountability and routine, but have a greater deal of freedom to explore the world outside of that foundation.

In addition to group therapy, you will also continue to have access to your therapist and will have weekly check-ins with them throughout your participation in outpatient therapy. These check-ins, while not as lengthy and in-depth as the one-on-ones of IOP, provide an objective and healthy perspective on the goings on in your life as well as the decisions you are making and actions you are taking in sobriety. In early sobriety it is always an excellent idea to avail yourself of another person’s opinion regarding decisions you are making in order to ensure you are keeping to healthy behavior patterns. These check-ins with your therapist facilitate that process, providing a safety net against negative behaviors which could lead you to relapse.

At Evolutions Treatment Center, we have diligently worked to establish a continuum of care which carries our clients from the first stages of sobriety well into their recovery journey. Our outpatient treatment program was established as one more stepping stone in the path of treatment before clients leave the proverbial nest and make their own way in their recovery. If you are looking to lessen your time commitment to a treatment program while maintaining your connection to the Evolutions team, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and let us help determine if outpatient treatment is a viable option for you.


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