Overdoses are on the Rise - One More Reason to Seek Treatment

Society and the news media today are hyper focused on the continuing pandemic and the lives lost as a direct result of the virus. However, COVID has indirectly led to thousands of deaths across the country in addition to the fatalities caused by the infection itself. Overdose deaths have seen a dramatic rise over the course of the pandemic and resulting quarantines/lockdown orders, as anxiety and isolation lead many addicts to ramp up their substance abuse with deadly consequences. This is yet another compelling reason anyone actively abusing substances should enroll in an addiction treatment program so they may avoid this fate.

There is a clear connection between increased stress and more frequent use of substances by those in active addiction. Substance abuse disorders are developed as a means for an individual to cope with negative thoughts and feelings they are unable to process, and this behavior becomes our primary coping mechanism used to suppress any pain or discomfort we encounter. This is unhealthy for a whole host of reasons, but it is especially dangerous in times of heightened pressure and conflict - exactly what we are all experiencing today. Active substance abusers are notoriously unskilled when it comes to stress management, and due to this inability to cope are compelled to use more of their drug of choice with greater frequency, leading to the rise of overdose deaths we are seeing in the country today.

The decision to admit defeat and seek treatment for substance abuse is never an easy one, as nothing is more terrifying to an addict than letting go of their drug of choice. Your disease is blinding you to the reality of your situation: continuing down the path of addiction will only lead to despair and, ultimately, death. Hopefully moments of clarity still occur in your daily life, during which you are able to see the insanity of your choosing addiction over sobriety. These moments provide an opportunity for you to make a change and get help for your substance abuse disorder, and you should not hesitate to act on any impulse to enroll in a treatment center and attempt sobriety. Now more than ever, addiction treatment is a lifesaving process, the only thing standing between you and your inevitable demise at the hands of your disease.

Overdose deaths in the United States have risen sharply since the advent of the pandemic forced widespread business closures, isolation measures and financial hardships upon us all. This social deprivation combined with the added stress of prolonged unemployment created a perfect storm for a spike in substance abuse, as addicts lean into their disease in order to cope with the anxieties stemming from our current reality. Now more than ever substance abuse treatment is a critical step towards securing your continued health and well-being, giving you the chance to develop healthy coping skills and improve your stress management abilities. At Evolutions, we work diligently to formulate a customized treatment plan for each of our clients, addressing the specifics of their disease using a variety of therapies as part of our holistic approach to addiction treatment. If you fear you have developed an addiction or are seeing your substance abuse increase, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and let us help you establish new coping skills so you can recover from your addiction!