OxyContin - Catalyst for the Opiate Epidemic

OxyContin came to market in the late 1990’s and was advertised to doctors and patients alike as the answer to the prayers of chronic pain sufferers everywhere. Studies conducted by the manufacturer, Purdue Pharma, indicated there was virtually no potential for addiction to develop in patients consistently using this new medication. We now know the exact opposite is true, and tens of thousands of Americans have suffered crippling opiate dependency as a result of the wave of OxyContin prescriptions that washed over our shores immediately following the drug’s release.

Following its approval by the FDA and release to market, doctors were encouraged by pharmeceudical sales reps to liberally prescribe OxyContin for even mild to moderate back or knee pain in their patients. This exposed a significant percentage of the population to this new and powerful painkiller, meaning more persons with a predisposition for substance abuse came into contact with a highly addictive substance. A tolerance for OxyContin is built up fairly rapidly, and even the most unscrupulous doctors were only so willing to increase their patients dosages, leaving the addict little choice but to graduate to street drugs in order to feed their habit.

After several decades of unconscionable actions on the part of Purdue Pharma, justice has finally caught up to this insidious drug maker. Sadly, for many Americans the irreversible damage is already done, as countless families have lost loved ones and had their lives torn apart as a result of opiate addiction. OxyContin is still used as a narcotic pain reliever by doctors dealing with more severe cases of chronic pain, such as cancer patients or post-surgery recovery, but the criteria for an OxyContin prescription is much more stringent than in years past. There is still a thriving illicit market for this powerful opioid, and indeed the argument could be made that OxyContin paved the way for fentanyl to overtake the illicit opiate market here in the United States.

The advent of OxyContin in America proved to be the flashpoint for the opiate epidemic still plaguing our shores today. Initially marketed as a safe, highly effective prescription painkiller, the addictive potential of this drug was kept hidden by its manufacturer in order to ensure a steady flow of prescriptions. You would be hard pressed to find any US citizen today who has not heard of this controversial drug, and most people are now aware of the dangers associated with a prescription to OxyContin. There are still thousands of Americans today suffering from physical dependency on this powerful opioid, and we at Evolutions are here to help. If you or a loved one are seeking to end their dependence on an opioid prescription such as OxyContin, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and let us help you get your life and your freedom back!

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