Physical Exercise and Early Sobriety - Two Peas in a Pod

As you begin your life anew in sobriety, you will have the enjoyable task of building a new routine for yourself, giving new hobbies and activities a try as you learn what things you are passionate about. One pastime you would be well-advised to incorporate into your routine is physical exercise. Exercise benefits both the mind and the body, providing an endorphin boost as it improves your cardiovascular health and expedites the healing process your body is undergoing to repair the damage caused by substance abuse.

Cardiovascular exercise is a great way to improve your attitude and emotional stability in early sobriety. Until recently, your primary source of mood enhancement was your substance of choice. Now that you have transitioned to sobriety, your brain is working hard to adjust to the lack of chemical assistance as you go about your day. As little as fifteen minutes of moderate exercise can have a dramatic effect on your overall mood and outlook on your day. Your physical health will be greatly improved as well, as we usually neglect our diet and exercise habits in active addiction. Sobriety offers you the opportunity to reverse the damage done to your body during your active addiction, restoring your health and vitality so you can live a full, happy life!

At Evolutions Treatment Center, our holistic approach to substance abuse treatment includes providing guidance and support as you establish a physical exercise routine tailored to your specific condition, needs and health goals. To this end, we have enlisted the help of a professional trainer available to all of our residential inpatient clients so they can build an exercise regimen which best suits their recovery and physical needs. Edwin has worked with renown celebrities such as Eva Longoria, and has decades of experience evaluating clients and developing effective workout routines which maximize the physical and mental benefits for each individual. Our goal is to provide clients with an exercise regimen they can carry with them long after their successful completion of our inpatient program, furthering their recovery and maximizing their chances at achieving sustained sobriety through health and wellness.

Physical exercise is an excellent activity to incorporate in your weekly schedule in early sobriety, as your body needs healing from the damage of substance abuse just as much as your psyche. Regular exercise promotes a healthy, positive mindset while improving your cardiovascular health and aiding your body’s natural repair processes which occur in early recovery. At Evolutions, we understand the important role regular exercise can play in a person’s successful recovery, and in light of this significance we offer all those undergoing inpatient treatment the ability to work with our professional personal trainer to formulate an exercise regimen best suited to their physique and lifestyle. If you are exploring your options for substance abuse treatment, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and let us provide you an overview of our holistic based program and all the ways it can benefit you and your recovery!


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