Playing and Composing Music as a Creative Outlet

Creative expression is an excellent way to process emotions and trauma you may have experienced in the past, especially in your active addiction. One such means of expression is through playing or composing music. This means of artistry has the unique benefit of being accessible to everyone - anyone can sit at a piano and create their own melody regardless of their musical experience (or lack thereof). If you find yourself struggling to process emotions and past events, here are a few things you can try to express these feelings through music.

Picking up and learning to play an instrument is a great way to check a few items of your recovery program to-do list. It’s an excellent addition to your weekly schedule and routine, it has the potential to evolve into a social activity, and it provide a creative outlet for you to release and express your emotions in a healthy manner. Take a trip to your local music shop and try out a few instruments, see which one you find yourself drawn to. With the holidays right around the corner, a musical instrument is a great addition to your wishlist, or perhaps a savings goal depending on the cost. In the meantime, a keyboard is an inexpensive instrument with which to begin experimenting. See what sort of melodies flow from your fingertips and enjoy the ability to let out your emotions in this healthy, productive way.

Traditional instruments are not everyone’s cup of tea, but luckily technology is able to provide an alternative for the rest of us. There are a plethora of applications available for computers, phones, and tablets which provide various means to compose music. Many of these apps are free or low-cost, making them an ideal way to dip your toe into the creativity pool that is music composition. You have nothing to lose by giving this creative outlet a try, and a whole lot to gain!

Music composition may seem like a daunting concept at first, but if you let go of the notion that you must be creating a masterpiece you will see this is a great means for anyone to process and release their emotions in a healthy, productive way. You should absolutely consider adding this creative outlet to your weekly routine, as it has the potential to evolve into a beloved hobby you can practice throughout the rest of your life, either by yourself or with friends. This is one more example of music’s healing power and positive influence in our lives.


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