Practicing Self-Awareness to Prevent Relapse

When we are in active addiction, we hide harsh truths from ourselves just as much as we hide them from others. This psychological self-deception can be a difficult habit to break after we have stopped our substance abuse, but it is imperative we retrain ourselves in the practice of self-awareness. There are several tools you can use to practice and improve your self-awareness early in recovery. The more aware you are of your thoughts and emotions the better chance you have at catching yourself before a relapse occurs.

One activity you can try to increase your level of self-awareness is journaling. The act of sitting down and putting your thoughts to pen and paper can be a useful tool to help you better understand and identify underlying emotions you are experiencing. If you find traditional journaling unproductive, you may try stream-of-consciousness journaling. This is a process where you remove any filter between your thoughts and the page – anything that crosses your mind you write down without giving it a second thought. This practice can be very revealing for you if you find it difficult to identify specific thoughts and emotions as well as the triggers for them.

Another activity with a myriad of benefits including improved self-awareness is meditation. This is a centuries-old practice that can drastically improve your mental health and overall sense of well-being. Additionally, it is an opportunity for you to sit with yourself and “tune in” to what you are thinking and feeling. Be patient with yourself – meditation is not practiced perfectly the first or even the tenth time you try it. Set aside 20-30 minutes a day for 30 days and see how meditation can improve your self-awareness in early sobriety.

Relapse is a very real danger to those in recovery, regardless of how much sober time we’ve accrued. At particularly acute risk are those in early sobriety, as you are still honing the tools you are using to keep your addiction at bay. At Evolutions Treatment Center, our goal is to provide you with enough guidance and training so that you reenter society with a protective shield around you against relapse. Call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 so we may determine what level of treatment would most benefit you, regardless if you are still in active addiction or newly sober.


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