Praying for a Loved One's Recovery

Have you ever struggled with the best way to pray for somebody who is battling with addiction? This may help as you support your loved one's recovery.

An Addict is Responsible for His/Her Own Choices

Ordinarily, when we have a friend or family member who is facing addiction, the only thing we can do is stand back and allow them to decide for themselves what to do. An addict will only get help if they want to. It can be devastating to watch them, time and time again, as they choose to hurt themselves. We may feel totally defenseless in helping them choose sobriety, but in fact, we are not. As their support system, we can pray for them to find it in themselves to stop using and get help.

Here are 5 Things You Can Pray For

1. Pray for Realization

Pray that he or she will realize they have an addiction, that they are harming themselves as well as other people around them, and that they need help to change. Pray too, that your loved one gets a glimpse of how significant their life is and how they may one day be able to help others due to their experiences.

2. Pray for the Desire to Change

When someone is in the grips of addiction, he or she needs to find the motivation to change within themselves. When this happens, the work towards recovery is done with conviction to overcome their addiction. Pray earnestly that the addict in your life discovers the reason they need to stop, and that it will motivate them to seek help and support.

3. Pray for the Right Treatment at the Right Time

Addicts need professional help in most cases to get and stay sober. They need counseling and drug addiction therapy to learn and overcome their triggers, defining moments in their past that led them to use in the first place, and what motivation they have to get through each day without using. Pray that he or she reaches out for family support in accountability and that together, you can find the best drug addiction therapy and treatment center for their situation when the time is right.

4. Pray That They Find Strength

Addicts who are in early recovery must be the one to decide, day in and day out, NOT to use drugs or alcohol again. They need to overcome that battle internally and find the best way to keep making good choices for a lasting recovery. Pray that your loved one gets stronger each day in sobriety and will choose to continue working on their recovery even when it gets difficult.

5. Pray for Self-Love and Forgiveness

There is no question that overcoming addiction is difficult. You will likely see a struggle that looks like two steps forward, and one step back. Pray that he or she can forgive themselves when they make mistakes and not get discouraged when things do not work out perfectly.

Our Prayers Help

While ultimately a person who decides to get help for addiction must make choices for themselves and work hard towards recovery, our prayers do help. Regardless of religion or belief, praying to our higher power has value not only in helping the person you are praying for but also in relieving your own burdens regarding the matter.

Seeking Treatment

The important thing in all of this is that you seek help for your drug addiction. Do not let fear keep you from the life you have always wanted. You do not need to fight this disease alone and any and all concerns that you have can be addressed as you move through the process of recovery. So call the professionals at Evolutions Treatment Center today, at 1-866-771-7091. We are standing by to help you finally overcome your addiction.