Processing the Grief of Losing a Loved One to Co-VID

Death is a natural part of life, and unfortunately it is an increasingly common part of our lives as the pandemic continues to rampage across the country. Hopefully loss has not visited upon your family, but if it has you may be feeling a combination of sorrow, grief, and anger as the loss suffered by your family may have been prevented. It is important for you to process all of these emotions, especially any anger or resentment that may have developed in light of the circumstances, lest these feelings fester and drive you to relapse.

It is only natural for you to feel sadness and sorrow after the loss of a loved one. While it is important you not wallow in these feelings and get stuck in this stage of grief, it is equally important you not suppress or deny these emotions. Refusing to acknowledge and fully experience feelings of sadness does not eliminate them, and can easily lead you to relapse as it becomes increasingly difficult to shove them into the recesses of your mind. One way to ensure these emotions are appropriately experienced and processed is by discussing them with a trusted sober support or, if possible, a therapist. By opening up to others about your feelings you will receive compassion, support, and reassurance that your feelings are natural and valid during this difficult time.

When it comes to feelings of anger or resentment at the circumstances leading to your loved one’s death, it is imperative you work through them so you can let go of these negative emotions and move past the loss of your loved one. Resentments are described by 12-step programs as akin to drinking poison yourself and waiting for another person to die. Anger can be equally destructive as it is a destabilizing emotion, increasing the chance of our acting out of impulsive rather than rationality. For these reasons, you should absolutely talk to someone about any feelings of anger or resentment you have surrounding the circumstances of your loved one’s death, ideally a therapist who can help guide you through the processing of these feelings in a healthy manner.

Sobriety does not eliminate all suffering from our lives. In fact, it requires us to develop new, healthy coping skills to handle situations which cause us pain and discomfort. One such situation is the loss of a loved one, a situation many of us are experiencing due to the ongoing pandemic in the country. The loss itself, and especially the circumstances leading to it, can cause us feelings of sorrow as well as anger and resentment. It is imperative you address and process these emotions, lest you fall into the old behavior so common to those in active addiction - suppression and denial. At Evolutions Treatment Center, part of our clients’ treatment program is often grief counseling as they have not properly processed the losses experienced in active addiction. Now that you are living in sobriety, do not return to those old behaviors! If you feel you could benefit from additional therapy and counseling as a result of a painful loss you’ve experienced in early recovery, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and inquire about enrolling in one of our outpatient programs.

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