Rebuilding a Relationship with your Parents in Sobriety

In our active addiction we often hurt those closest to us most of all. Your parents have likely suffered significantly at the hands of your addiction, having to watch you struggle through life weighed down with this heavy burden they could not relieve you of no matter what they tried. They endured sleepless nights of worry, dreading a call informing them that you’ve been arrested or worse, overdosed and died. Now that you are in recovery, the frayed nerves of your parents may present as resentment or anger. How can you rebuild your relationship with your parents now that you are in recovery?

First, understand that your disease may have infected them as well in the form of negative behaviors. It is advisable for your parents to attend Al-Anon meetings so they may become aware of any bad behaviors they developed as coping mechanisms while you were in active addiction. Ask them if they are willing to take this step for the sake of your sobriety and your relationship with them. Al-Anon could be a tremendous help for all of you as you attempt to restore a healthy relationship between parent and child.

As you embark on your journey of recovery in whatever 12-step program you decide upon, you will become familiar with the 0th step, also known as the amends step. While this is an important part of restoring a healthy relationship with those around you, you should not skip ahead in order to attempt to expedite the healing process between you and your loved ones, including your parents. You want to ensure you are fully prepared to accept their reaction to your proffered amends. Additionally, hasty apologies in active addiction quickly lost their meaning to those in our lives, so an apology offered too soon without meaningful contemplation is not demonstrative of the changes you are attempting to make in your life.

Our parents suffer right alongside us in our active addiction, whether we live under their roof or thousands of miles away. Their pain needs healing just as yours does, and now that you are in sobriety the opportunity for healing is here. Come to your parents without demands or expectations and ask them if they are willing to take part in the healing process with you in order to improve their relationship with you as well as your chances at long-term sobriety. Regardless of their response, do your best to repair any damage you may have caused in the relationship and be mindful of your behavior patterns when interacting with them. In time, the wounds will heal and the bond between you and your parents will be restored to its healthy nature again. At Evolutions Treatment Center, we understand it can be difficult for families to attempt this healing process alone. This is why we offer family counseling sessions for our clients in early recovery. Call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 so we may help heal you and your family today.


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