Residential Treatment - Not just for Substance Abuse!

For decades now, there has been a common misconception that the primary means to treat a mental health disorder was through regular sessions with a therapist and prescription medication occurring in an outpatient setting. While this is a perfectly valid and helpful way to improve and maintain a healthy state of mind, for those suffering from more significant mental illnesses often outpatient treatment falls short of this goal. Do not despair and resign yourself to having to be committed to a psychiatric hospital ward! There is another, better alternative means for you to recover from your mental instability - residential inpatient treatment.

Most people think of residential treatment as being solely for those suffering from a substance abuse disorder, but this is not the case. More established and reputable residential facilities offer treatment for not only substance abuse disorders but other mental illnesses, as well as dual diagnosis clients. Residential treatment is beneficial to those experiencing a particularly difficult time with their mental illness, as you will be separated from the stresses of daily life and your sole focus can be on recovering a healthy state of mind. You will also have far greater access to clinical professionals, participating in individual and small group sessions on a daily basis in order to process and correct any irrational thought patterns with which you are struggling.

Often those suffering from mental illness shy away from residential treatment due to fear borne of previous experience in psychiatric lockdown unit settings. Residential treatment is a far cry from these rather archaic facilities, and indeed our clients feel as though they are on vacation at a high end resort rather than receiving treatment on a medical campus. Those who choose to enroll in a treatment program at Evolutions Treatment Center do so of their own volition, and there are procedures by which you can depart the facility if you have a change of heart. We strongly advise you complete a full course of treatment for your mental illness, as any interruption of this process would destroy whatever progress you had made during your time in treatment. However, there are no locked doors or armed security guards like you may find on a psychiatric hospital unit, so you may rest assured the facilities at a residential treatment center are far less severe and stress inducing than such an extreme setting.

Residential inpatient facilities are often overlooked by those suffering from a mental illness, but this form of treatment for your disease could be exactly what you need to stabilize your mental health. At Evolutions Treatment Center, we have developed and refined our treatment protocols for a variety of mental illnesses in order to address all facets of these complex and debilitating conditions while providing a safe, comfortable environment in which to do so. If you or a loved one are suffering from a mental illness, and traditional outpatient therapy does not seem to be helping, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and let us help you determine the best way to get back to mental health and wellness!