Rock Bottom - Where Recovery Begins

When we are trapped in the cycle of active addiction, often the only way to interrupt this destructive behavior is through substantial negative consequences. Whether it is the loss of a career, a house, or a relationship, these major and painful life events are sometimes the only thing which will snap us out of our distorted thinking and force us to confront the truth of our substance abuse problem. It is important to capitalize on these moments of clarity when they occur, for if you let them pass without acting on them you are sure to encounter another devastating loss and an even deeper bottom in your addiction.

One of the many proverbs heard in the rooms of 12-step recovery speaks of our bottoms in addiction: “You hit rock bottom when you stop digging.” Most of us do not fully grasp this concept until after we have achieved sobriety and are looking back on the wreckage of our past. Ultimately you make the decision to seek help for your addiction and make the necessary changes in your life. Unfortunately, in our active addiction our decision making and rational thought processes are inhibited by the intoxicants we are using every day, blinding us to the reality of our situation. It is this catch-22 which often mandates a “rock bottom” be hit before we come to the realization that we cannot go on in our addiction, and take action by seeking help for our substance abuse disorder.

For those who have relapsed after a period of recovery, remembering this 12-step recovery phrase about rock bottom can save you a great deal of unnecessary pain and suffering. You know the solution to your addiction, it is simply a matter of accepting it and putting in the required work. Depending on what precipitated your relapse, you may not be feeling particularly fond of 12-step recovery programs. You need to put aside these feelings of animosity and resentment so you can focus on taking positive steps towards sobriety. The beautiful thing about recovery is that it is a very personal experience, so you are free to choose who and what you involve in your program. Simply omit what you now find distasteful and replace it with something new and exciting so your recovery is fresh and fulfilling again.

Rock bottom is a painful necessity for many of us to reach out and seek help for our addictions. Once you have had a taste of recovery, you know that we determine the depths our bottoms in active addiction reach. Hopefully you remember this fact if you ever relapse so that your pain and suffering will be limited and your return to recovery expedited. At Evolutions, we are ready and waiting for you when that moment of clarity strikes so we may help welcome you into a life of recovery. When you are read, call our Admissions Counselors at 833-818-3031 and let us help you on the path to sobriety.


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