Seeking Motivation to Improve your Career

Sobriety gives us so many gifts, one of which is the opportunity to return to our professional pursuits and build a fulfilling and successful career for ourselves. This opportunity is well worth capitalizing on, but it can be difficult to believe in yourself and your abilities, which can stymie your motivation to take steps towards this goal. How can we quiet the voices in our heads saying we cannot succeed in this pursuit, and build motivation to inspire us to take action?

First, the best way to eliminate negativity in our thought patterns and beliefs is through an improved connection with our higher power. When we allow ourselves to be cradled in the protection of a God of our understanding, it is easy for us to give these negative thoughts and feelings up to him, allowing his will to guide us and provide for us in life. You can improve your connection with your higher power through prayer and meditation. The more you practice these actions which connect you to your higher power, the more opportunity you are giving Him to remove these negative thoughts and beliefs from your mind.

As for the motivation component, it should be everyone’s goal to establish themselves in a career that inspires them to improve their skills while providing enough financial support for them to fulfill their desires outside of work. It can be helpful to think about specific characteristics of your “dream job” and to establish and document any short and long term financial goals you have for yourself. Once these things exist fully in your mind, they will provide plenty of motivation for you to take action in order to achieve these goals. That may be seeking some additional education and accreditation, or putting in extra effort at the office. Regardless of what action is required to pursue these goals, picturing them clearly in your mind’s eye or even writing them down on paper is a great way to build motivation and reach for your goals.

When we get sober, we open ourselves up to all the blessings life has to offer. These opportunities are dependent upon our willingness to take action in order to capitalize on them. Motivation is a key component in our ability to get up and make a move towards our goals, and building motivation to improve our standing career-wise can be found in describing both your dream job and your financial goals for the short and long term. By establishing these goals, and maintaining a connection with your higher power, you will be able to overcome any mental blockages in your path and take action in order to succeed in business and in life!