Self Talk

Have you ever realized how powerful the messages you tell yourself are?

“I’m not smart enough” or “I’m not good enough” repeated daily, in your own mind, can quickly become self-fulfilling prophecies. Repeat anything enough and it will become your truth.

Our negative self talk has the ability to produce a negative self-image. This self-image externally mirrors what we think about our self internally, suddenly, we’ve become the person we’ve created for ourselves. Our behaviors modify in order to fit into the mold we are creating of ourselves internally. Our exterior matches our interior.

You’ve heard that you are what you eat? Well, guess what? You are what you think, as well.

But wait…If our negative self talk produces negative results for us, wouldn’t it be the same for the contrary. The power of self-talk tells us that we have the innate ability to choose our own fate. The fact of the matter is, we have the ability to decide whether we are going to have a good day or a bad day.

The Mantra

A “mantra” is defined by as “A commonly repeated word or phrase, especially in advocacy or for motivation”. A mantra is an enormously useful tool in improving self-image but can also be devastating. The words we choose to use in our daily dialogue within our heads must be chosen carefully. Choosing to use self-affirming phrases in our mantra can have a powerful effect on our lives. Some people like to attach a positive mantra to a simple, mindless task like brushing their teeth so they can be reminded to say their positive affirmations everyday. One of my favorites is “Every day and Every way, I’m getting stronger and stronger!”

*Tip: Be aware of your self talk throughout the day. Notice the times when you are doubting yourself or your abilities. Becoming aware of when you are utilizing negative self-talk is the first step in reversing it! Every time you catch yourself being negative, make it a habit to automatically say something positive about yourself!

The Choice is Yours

If you really think about it, our entire life revolves around how we interpret a situation, person, place, or thing.  Everyone perceives every situation, person, place, or thing they encounter slightly different. Although most of those thoughts seem automatic, we have the ability to control the way we understand situations. Most importantly, though, we have the ability to control the way we feel about ourselves. Our attitude in any situation can be a decision that we make! We can decide to face every situation with a positive, motivated outlook or on the contrary we can catastrophize every issue we face. The choice is yours (the former sounds better to me)!

By deciding to utilize positive self-talk and an optimistic outlook on life, every morning upon waking up, your day will become drastically better! I’m not saying that the situations you face will change but you will change the way you face the situations in your life! You do this for enough days in a row and suddenly, you’ve changed your whole life.

Bottom line: Smile and Be Happy. There are HAPPY people who have debilitating illnesses destroying their lives, limbs lost from war, loved ones that have passed away, etc... These people aren’t just happy on accident. They’ve decided that happiness was up to them and their situations didn’t have the ability to dictate whether they can enjoy their life or not!