Setting the Intention and Watching it Manifest

If you can't visualize it than it will never come to be..." In almost every aspect of life, this saying rings true; the ability to visualize your goals is the very first step in breaking the barriers in your mind that prohibit growth and goal attainment.

Working in the substance abuse treatment industry, I can tell you that the ability to believe something is possible gives the spirit purpose and is the main source of motivation to take back control of your life. Through my own personal experience and observation it is essential to set intentions and goals to tap into naturally produced motivation. In life, goals are the address/destination, intention is the gps coordinates to get you there, and motivation serves as the gas needed to provide drive; all 3 of these concepts are both essential and codependent on each other. When dealing with a lack of motivation the first thing you should understand is that true motivation can only be produced when a believable goal is attained.

If you are overweight, yet believe that you will always be so, don't expect any motivation to be present to get out of bed early, consciously choose to eat better, or hit the gym. You must be able to not only see it, but have an ultimate purpose or goal for why you want this intention to become a reality. For example, one may want to lose the weight to feel physically secure, get a better running time, look good for an upcoming cruise, or even find a significant other. In the realm of addiction, most addicts motivation is dedicated towards the goal of acquiring drugs/alcohol with the intention to get high and/or alleviate withdrawal symptoms. This life is a simple one, made up of daily short term goals, and a cycle that is never ending and overall unfulfilling.

Depression commonly goes hand in hand with addiction because the true will of the individual has become possessed. Just like how your stomach growls when you are hungry, to me, drug induced depression is the minds way of communicating to the self that you are not meeting the needs of your souls appetite for life. Those new to recovery often make the mistake that if they just remove drugs or alcohol from their life that all will become whole. Successful individuals in sustainable recovery soon realize that recovery is about building a new life and not so much avoiding the old one.

New purpose, goals, hobbies, habits, and intentions must be set in order to set out a new path for yourself.- It is my belief that when you actively seek out your dreams your dreams also actively seek out you. I can't tell you how many people I have seen come into treatment without a true intention or goal and therefore have lacked the motivation needed to combat this disease. One must believe not only sobriety to be possible, but that happiness and a fulfilling life are also possible and attainable. The power of visualization and intention setting are not to be undermined as they are the script one ultimately ends up following.

For example: Lets say you are about to ask a crush of yours out, but you believe they are out of your league. On top of that, lets say you are extremely unconfident in your ability to approach and believe you will choke when the critical moment arrives. Can you guess what will happen and what the outcome will be? Before you have even embarked on this endeavor your fate has already been decided for you. Barriers in the mind have been set up and those unworthy and unconfident thoughts will not only radiate and be present for all to see, but will also manifest and cause your worst case scenario play out in real time.

This scenario serves as an example of how this intention setting will reflect all areas of your life. Believe you are strong and you will find strength. Believe that you are good enough and you already are. When distinct intentions are set and the belief is present that you can attain it virtually anything is possible.

Those who go into something without the intention or belief are destined to wander blind. Set realistic goals, comprise intentions that give you purpose, and believe that one day at a time that you are moving in the right direction - These are the keys to a life that will give you the courage to be free from the barriers built up in your mind. I come from a life of addiction. When I believed thats all my life would bear thats all my life was. It wasn't until I truly re-examined my existence and thought process that I realized where I had gone wrong. It wasn't until I believed I could turn my life around that I did. I visualized getting back into school, truly applying myself, and getting excellent grades. Before I knew it I had applied for college and was watching my intentions manifest before my very eyes.

Fast forward 6 years and I now hold a bachelors degree in Psychology and have been working at Evolutions Treatment Center for 18 months. Through the power of intention, belief, and goal setting I have, for the first time in my life, put myself exactly where I chose to be. I am no longer a victim of circumstance, but a curator of the life of my own choosing. Whether this is your 1st time getting into recovery or your 100th time, try now to re-examine your intentions and set a new foundation for yourself. If you are able to go to treatment, do it. The time away from your normal habits and the clinical therapy/treatment will help give you the resources and professional direction to help shift your perspective. In closing, I will leave you with a quote that my mother had place upon the fridge for me to see everyday.

Love and Peace to you