Sex Addiction - More Common than you May Think

Substance abuse disorder often ignites other addictive tendencies lurking just below the surface in our minds. One such potentially problematic behavior concerns our sexual relations with others. In our active addiction we can easily fall into a pattern of behavior indicative of sex addiction, seeking validation from this activity as reassurance that we are desirable and therefore have value. Now that you are attempting sobriety, here are some characteristics of unhealthy sexual behavior you should be on the lookout for as warning signs of a potential sex addiction.

The first and most obvious warning sign that you have developed a sex addiction is a consistent preoccupation with the pursuit and engagement in sexual activity. Your number one concern in early sobriety should be your recovery program and relevant activities, so if you instead find yourself regularly focused on activities in pursuit of a sexual partner you should discuss this preoccupation with your sponsor. Full disclosure and rigorous honesty are crucial here, as you and your sponsor can only accurately determine whether or not you have developed a sex addiction armed with all the relevant facts.

Simply eliminating frequent sexual encounters from your life will not cure you of a sex addiction anymore than eliminating drugs and alcohol from your life cured your substance abuse disorder. The unhealthy behaviors are a symptom of an underlying mental and emotional issue, with sex addiction the issue often involves feelings of low self-esteem and unloveability. For those with a sex addiction, the intimate act is a means to receive love and affirmation of self-worth. It is therefore recommended you seek therapy and treatment for this addiction just as you did for substance abuse, as left unresolved this lack of self-esteem will result in a relapse on the risky sexual behaviors and potentially on your drug of choice as well.

Sex addiction is a common disorder within the alcoholic and addict community, as we seek validation from others in an attempt to alleviate the guilt and shame we feel due to our substance abuse. Just as our drug of choice warped our perception of reality and blinded us to the problems presented by our substance abuse, so too does sex addiction defend itself from attack and scrutiny as we continue to engage in risky sexual behavior. This is why it is so important to treat sex addiction alongside of substance abuse, and to maintian full transparency with your therapist and sponsor regarding your thoughts and feelings about sex. At Evolutions Treatment Center, our seasoned clinical staff are well-versed in the handling of sex addiction combined with substance abuse. If you or a loved one is suffering from one or both of these mental illnesses, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and put an end to the destructive cycle of addiction.


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