Sex and Drugs – Dangerous Behaviors within the LGBTQ+ Community

When we are in active addiction, we participate in activities which we would find abhorrent when we are sober and in our normal state of mind. Some of these behaviors are just for fun, while others are a means to support our substance abuse habit. Within the LGBTQ+ community, addicts often turn to prostitution or other dangerous behaviors in order to fund their habit. This behavior can result in substantial psychological harm for the addict, not to mention the risk for physical harm via sexually transmitted diseases. Here are a few things you should bring to the attention of your clinical team upon entering residential treatment so they may be appropriately addressed.

First, if you were engaging in risky sexual behaviors or prostitution while in active addiction you should disclose this fact during the admissions process so you can be screened for any sexually transmitted diseases or infections. Do not let your fear of a positive test result prevent you from addressing these issues with the clinical team. There are many new treatment options available for some of the more serious STDs such as Hepatitis C which are able to completely cure the disease in a matter of weeks. It is better to handle these potential issues now while you have access to a clinical team rather than wait until you are on your own.

Next, psychological trauma often results from the perilous situations you find yourself in when engaging in risky behaviors. You may have suffered an assault, robbery, or rape while in active addiction, and are now feeling the full emotional impact of that ordeal. Despite what you may believe, this experience was not your fault at all. You should bring up any experiences like this that you suffered with your therapist so you may process the emotions associated with them. Do not feel guilty or ashamed when it comes to these incidents, and certainly do not shy away from disclosing them to your therapist. At Evolutions, our staff are well-versed in the issues faced by LGBTQ+ individuals struggling with substance abuse and are completely non-judgmental. Our only goal is helping you gain a firm foothold in sobriety, and part of that process is dealing with any emotions you may have suppressed through substance abuse.

Every addict their own version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – a responsible, upstanding citizen who becomes an unrecognizable monster once a certain potion is imbibed. You may have engaged in some truly reprehensible behaviors during your active addiction for which you feel a great deal of shame. Now that you are making a fresh start in recovery, it is time to let go of that shame and address the damage that may have occurred as a result of these behaviors. At Evolutions Treatment Center, we have both the medical expertise and the understanding borne of experience that are necessary to help you work through the damage and emerge with a new lease on life. Call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 so we may help you begin the healing process and start your life anew.


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