Should I Be Worried about Technology Addiction?

Advances in technology have enriched and benefitted the lives of people across the world, providing instant access to limitless information, keeping us connected with each other regardless of distance, and offering completely new canvases on which to express ourselves creatively. Despite the seemingly endless positives technology has brought to our lives, the old adage “too much of a good thing is bad” applies to these miracles of modern science as well. As addicts in recovery, should we be concerned with excessive use and dependence on technology in our daily lives?

Addicts are quite adept at taking seemingly harmless behaviors to a harmful extreme. Whether it is dieting, exercise, or our careers our natural inclination is to focus on one activity until it dominates our lives. This is why establishing and maintaining a healthy, balanced routine is so important to our success in sobriety. This variety of activities can include a healthy dose of facebook and instagram scrolling, but you should be mindful of the amount of time you spend on your devices. The constant presence of iPhones and iPads at our fingertips makes it very easy to spend an inordinate amount of time on these devices at the expense of other healthy activities. You should set and adhere to time limits for cell phone and tablet usage in order to avoid developing an addiction to these electronics.

Another potentially detrimental effect technology can have on our lives in recovery results from the emphasis social media places on living your “best life” rather than living a real life. Social media influencers post photo updates showing off perfect physiques in tropical settings, and we are left feeling inadequate when we compare our lives to the images they are crafting online. This culture of comparison has a negative impact on our self esteem and self image, undermining the work we are doing in our recovery and opening us up to negative thoughts, feelings, and risk of relapse. Endlessly scrolling your social media feeds and counting the ways your life comes up short compared to what you are seeing online is unhealthy behavior. You should be aware of how you are spending your time on your devices in addition to how much time you are spending on them in order to avoid behavior which could negatively impact your mental health.

Technological advances have blessed today’s society with a plurality of miraculous devices, enabling us to keep informed, connected, and entertained twenty four hours a day. While this is a boon for many, those who are living in recovery should approach these devices with a healthy measure of caution. Our tendency to take any activity to an extreme extends to the use of cell phones and tablets as well. So long as you take steps to guard against forming an addiction to these technologies while remaining mindful as to how you are using them, you will be able to enjoy your iPhones and iPads while maintaining the balance struck in your new life of sobriety.

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