Should I Consider Attending Treatment far from Home?

Now that you have decided to accept help for your substance abuse problem, you are faced with a multitude of treatment centers from which to choose. While substance abuse treatment centers around medically proven therapies and methodologies, each center will have its own unique approach to treating your addiction as well as various other ancillary benefits. As you are evaluating your available options, you may want to consider choosing a treatment center in a location far from home in a totally new environment. This can prove beneficial to your recovery for several reasons.

Distancing yourself from the environments and people associated with your substance use is often a helpful precaution to take in early sobriety. The old adage “misery loves company” applies doubly to addicts in active addiction; the last thing your using buddies will do is celebrate and support your newfound sobriety. On the contrary, most addicts do their best to perpetuate their friends’ continued substance abuse in an attempt to diminish feelings of shame regarding their own behavior. Therefore, it would serve to strengthen your attempt at recovery to put some space between you and the friends you use with, and a great way to accomplish this is to relocate for substance abuse treatment.

Living a life of recovery will change every aspect of your life, giving you a whole new perspective and attitude once the burden of substance abuse has been removed. Sobriety is a great time to get in touch with who you really are and determine what it is you want to do with your life, and a great way to jump start this process is by giving yourself a blank slate on which to build this new reality for yourself. Attending residential treatment in a new location will give you the opportunity to reinvent yourself and establish a completely new circle of supportive friends to help you in your recovery. The new locale can also help you gain a fresh, invigorated perspective on life, inspiring you to tackle your recovery with enthusiasm and energy.

Getting sober requires substantial changes be made to the way you think, the way you behave, and where you spend your time and energy. Attending residential treatment far from home is an excellent way to get a head start on making these changes, as a totally new environment will encourage these changes to occur naturally. At Evolutions Treatment Center, we have established our facility in the recovery capital of the world while catering to clients across the country and around the globe. If you are looking into treatment centers for your substance abuse disorder, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and give us the opportunity to provide you with the tools and change of environment you need to achieve sobriety!


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