Sound Therapy for Stress Relief

Sound therapy is a relatively new holistic practice whose goal is to relieve stress and restore balance to the body. It is based on the theory that all living things, including humans, have a resonant frequency at which they vibrate. When this frequency is out of balance negative symptoms arise. Sound therapy addresses this imbalance, eliminating those negative symptoms by restoring a healthy resonant frequency.

There are several methods of sound therapy available to treat those suffering from addiction.

Two of the most common methods are chanting and targeted audio. The goal of chanting is to produce a pure sound vocally. This action calibrates the body’s resonant frequency and restores balance, while also encouraging the patient to enter a meditative state. This meditative state has a very calming effect on the patient, relieving their stress without the use of medications.

Targeted audio therapy is similar to chanting therapy, the difference being the source of the soothing sound. In targeted audio therapy, the patient is asked to lie down, close their eyes, and focus entirely on the soothing sounds being played for them by the therapist. By focusing exclusively on the sounds being played and ignoring all other stimuli, the patient enters a meditative state which alleviates any stresses they may have been experiencing.

These techniques have gained a broad following in the recovery community, and are widely available at addiction treatment centers. Every person is unique, and therefore not all techniques will see the same success in all individuals. It is best to try several methods of sound therapy to determine which has the greatest positive effect on you. Take advantage of any sound therapy offered through your treatment center, as it can be an excellent tool to relieve stress in your life.


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