Spirituality in 2021 - Motivate to Improve your God Connection

Spirituality is an important part of anyone’s life, but it is especially important in the lives of recovering addicts and alcoholics. Our connection to a God of our understanding is what enables us to successfully recover from our disease of addiction, and without a strong connection to that higher power we become more vulnerable to relapse and despair. How can you motivate yourself to improve your spiritual condition so the year 2021 can be your best year yet?

In the rooms of 12-step recovery there is a saying that applies to those in early sobriety: “Fake it till you make it!” This means that acting as though you are motivated and have the will to improve your connection with your higher power will eventually lead to your having the motivation and the will, as the results garnered from the action taken during the “fake it” stage provides a source of motivation for your continued efforts. While this method of faking motivation is not viable in the long term, it can provide the bridge between skepticism and belief in the importance of a connection to a God of your understanding.

Another source of motivation for your building a stronger relationship with your higher power can come from your strong desire to stay sober. Hopefully you have gone through a round of medical detox and residential substance abuse treatment, and have the mental clarity and refreshed perspective which has ignited within you a strong desire to continue on your journey of recovery. As you listen to those who have come before you share their experience, strength, and hope, a common thread which binds them together is their strong and consistent connection to a God of their understanding. If you want what they have you should do what they do, so let their experience motivate you to seek a similar strong connection to your higher power for the sake of your continued sobriety.

For addicts and alcoholics living in recovery, spirituality is a crucial component of our daily lives. At time it can be difficult to feel motivated to improve and build on this connection to a God of our understanding, especially when we are in early recovery. Whether you choose to fake like you’re motivated to seek a strong connection with your higher power or you opt to draw motivation from those in the rooms of recovery who have something you desire, the important thing is you take action. Motivation is only as good as the work it inspires us to complete, so do not waste your motivation by resting on your laurels! Spend the beginning of this new year acting on your motivation and improving your connection to your higher power so that 2021 will be your best year yet!