Spirituality - the Best Gift of the Holiday Season

The real meaning of the winter holidays has become overshadowed by corporate emphasis on consumption and commercialization for the sake of economic prosperity. Now that you are living in sobriety and working a program of recovery, why not examine where your focus lies during the holiday season? You may find a change of perspective is in order, and the holidays are a great time to realign yourself spiritually and build on your relationship with your higher power.

As the year draws to a close, it is a great time to reflect on the progress you’ve made both in terms of your recovery as a whole and in your relationship with your higher power. Are you satisfied with your feelings of connectedness to God? Do you find it easy to discern what his will for you is in your daily life? Is your conception of God one which squares with your beliefs and values? If not, you should revisit your daily routine and weekly schedule, making changes s