Spotlight on Recovery - Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson is a household name all over the world, skyrocketing to fame in the early 90’s thanks to his landing several breakout roles. Far less common is the knowledge that Mr. Jackson struggled with addiction in his early years, escalating his drinking and drug use until his loved ones compelled him to seek help for his substance abuse problem. His journey through life, both in active addiction and later in recovery, offers inspiration and hope to those who suffer the same disease of addiction which almost robbed the world of this amazing, talented actor.

Samuel L. Jackson first began his drug and alcohol use at the age of 15, par for the course in the alcoholic and addict community. His substance abuse did not escalate significantly until later on, after he moved to New York City to further his acting career. He quickly developed a physical dependence on several substances including alcohol and marijuana. He managed to sustain his acting career in spite of these dependencies, and felt he did not have a problem as he was supporting his habit and his family from the money he earned on the stage.

His rationalizations fell apart after one night of particularly hard partying. On his way home, Samuel stopped to pick up some cocaine in order to “level himself out” as he was very drunk. Upon arriving home, he set himself up in the kitchen to cook the cocaine, but passed out drunk before he could complete the process. His wife and daughter happened upon him in the morning, facedown on the floor surrounded by drugs and paraphernalia. He could hardly deny his substance abuse problem when faced with such shocking evidence, and shortly after he checked himself into a rehab facility. This was in 1991, the same year he landed one of the more important roles of his career.

Samuel is a one-chip wonder - he has been clean and sober ever since he first attended the rehab program back in 1991. Sobriety has enabled him to achieve critical acclaim and global success as an actor both on stage and in film and television. He freely acknowledges the importance of his sobriety to his success in life, both in terms of his career and his loving family. Samuel L. Jackson is a role model for anyone struggling with addiction, regardless of your ethnic or cultural background. Take the first step towards a life of happiness and success, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031.


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