Staying Connected Through Alumni Programs

Many times, when people think about drug treatment, they think about a 30-90 day inpatient program. They think that the program is designed to only last for that period of time and that once it is done, the individual attending is on their own, having only 12 Step meetings as a source of support. This, however, is not the case and many treatment programs offer aftercare programming that includes free of charge resources that a person can use indefinitely.

One such form of aftercare is alumni programs which are used so that people who have graduated from a treatment center can stay connected with the treatment center and others who have attended or are currently attending. These alumni programs are a great way for a person to stay in touch with their counselors and other people they met during their stay and they can also help a person transition out of treatment and back into the real world.

Often times, the most nerve-wracking part of the treatment process is getting discharged, but by utilizing the tools offered by an alumni program, it does not need to be so. Alumni programs can help you get in touch with people who have gone through the program in the past that can help you either find transitional housing or help you get acclimated to the 12 Step meetings in your area. Having the ability to go to a meeting with someone who already knows the lay of the land can go a long way in helping you to feel comfortable and it can also help you reach out and meet new people quicker.

One of the things that programs like this does is create a sense of community around the treatment center. Many of the best treatment centers in the country do this because they understand the importance of community for the recovering individual. They know that a person cannot recover from drugs and alcohol on their own and they need people who can support them and who they can relate to. By offering alumni programs, they create a space where this can occur and in doing so, they give their former clients the best possible chance at staying sober after they have completed their program.

The importance of community cannot be overstated when it comes to the recovery process. Many addicts and alcoholics share the common experience of feeling like outsiders for most of their lives. Many felt like they just didn’t fit in anywhere, or that people never understood them, but once they enter into recovery, this all changes. They begin to meet people who think like them and did the things they did and because of this, they no longer feel alone. This feeling of togetherness rather than aloneness helps to foster recovery and it is also one of the cornerstones of altruism that you see in recovery.

Once they realize that there are others like them, addicts tend to get better and because of this they then, in turn, help others along the way. With programs like the ones designed for alumni, newly sober people are given the ability to help others who are just coming in. They can go back to the treatment center that they attended and reach out to people who are currently in there. They can maybe bring a meeting in and share their story or they can simply just let those people currently attending know that they are not alone. It is a great feeling to do this and something that shouldn’t be missed out on.

People who do not stay in the general area that the treatment center is in after they are discharged can also benefit from such programs. If the treatment center has a large enough alumni network then they will more than likely be able to connect with people who live near them and this can oftentimes makes a world of difference.

It is usually suggested to most people that they do not move back home after they are discharged from treatment, but for some people uprooting their lives is just not possible. For those individuals who have to move back home, being able to reach out to other people who have done the same thing and can show them the meetings in their area can really help a lot. It can help them not feel so alone, as they leave behind their support network, and it can keep them plugged into the community even though they are now hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Many treatment centers also offer a yearly get together for their alumni, which can be a great excuse to have a quick little vacation to see all of your old friends. It can create an atmosphere like a home away from home and you can use this opportunity to recharge your recovery batteries before going back to the stresses of your daily life.

So if you are getting ready to leave treatment or you just left, be sure to ask about what programs they have for alumni. Be sure to get people’s numbers and do your best to stay connected. While it may not seem important in this moment, staying connected can sometimes be the difference between having a happy and successful recovery and having a trip back to treatment to try again.

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