Staying Connected to Recovery During the Pandemic

The coronavirus has affected the recovery community in a variety of ways, the most apparent of which is the closure of recovery clubhouses and temporary suspension of scheduled 12-step recovery meetings. This sudden disruption of the recovery community can put many of those early in sobriety at greater risk for relapse, as they are cut off from their sober supports and avenue for connecting with their fellows. There are still options available to those in recovery seeking the support of a community, which is a crucial component of anyone’s continued sobriety.

At most traditional 12-step meetings, during the passing of the basket several announcements are made to the room. One of these asks if anyone would like a phone list for members of the group so those new to the group can connect with sober supports. During this time of mandatory social distancing, those phone lists are a great tool for you to keep plugged in to your recovery community. Many people have some apprehension about making such phone calls, but if you want to achieve long-term sobriety this is one of those uncomfortable actions one must step through in order to grow.

While 12-step clubhouses are closed to maintain social distancing, many have taken their meetings online through videoconference tools such as Skype or Zoom. While these may not be as immersive and personal as traditional meetings, they are a fantastic alternative given the present global health crisis. Information on how to join these meetings can be found both on 12-step clubhouse websites as well as the Facebook pages of those clubs and their members. Just as addicts will find a way to get and use drugs, so too will those in recovery find a way to get to a meeting!


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