Staying Safe and Sober at Parties

Summertime in the United States is a fun and carefree affair. School is out, holidays abound, and the warm weather invites us outdoors for recreation and parties. Often these get-togethers include alcoholic beverages, as beer and fruity cocktails are notorious summertime indulgences. As a newly sober individual, being in the presence of these substances surrounded by close friends and family partaking in them could be a significant threat to your sobriety. On the other hand, we do not get sober to avoid enjoyable activities and hide from the world. How do you balance enjoying a “normal” life while maintaining your sobriety?

If possible, your best first option is avoiding situations where alcohol or other substances are prevalent. Often our family members and friends are unfamiliar with the notion of 12-step programs and abstinence, and may try to pressure you into having “just one”. This is why it is best to skip these social gatherings early on in sobriety, as you may not have developed the tools and strength necessary to resist the influence of others in your life. Luckily, for every Memorial Day barbecue or Fourth of July bash where alcohol is served there is an equally fun and exciting sober event for you to attend. Here in South Florida, our 12-step recovery clubhouses host sober gatherings on every significant holiday without fail. If you are willing to seek them out, there will always be sober alternatives for any holiday party you would like to enjoy.

You may discuss your options with your sponsor and together decide attending an event where alcohol will be served is a viable option for you. Even with your sponsor’s go-ahead, you should not go traipsing off without any safety need or contingency plan in place lest you find yourself in over your head. These plans should include a sober support attending the gathering alongside you, preferably one with at least a year of continuous sobriety. You should discuss an exit strategy with this companion should you feel tempted to drink or use other substances while at this party. Once a firm plan is in place and as long as you feel secure in your sobriety, then you can safely enjoy the party!

Getting sober is a means to reclaim your life and should not be a ball and chain holding you back from all the enjoyment your life has to offer. Summertime is a great opportunity to enjoy the exquisite South Florida weather with friends and family. Now that you are in early sobriety, you may want to think twice before exposing yourself to situations where alcohol or other substances are being consumed. However, this does not mean you cannot enjoy all that a South Florida summer has to offer. At Evolutions Treatment Center, we maintain an active network of alumni and regularly organize sober activities for those alumni. If you are struggling in early sobriety and could use some additional support, call our Admissions Counselors at 833-818-3031 and let us help keep you on the path of recovery.


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