Staying Safe During the Holidays amid the Pandemic

As we continue to grapple with our existence during these unprecedented times, it appears another adjustment needs to be made. Traditional holiday celebrations are ill-advised given the continued spread of coronavirus across the United States, but luckily we as a people are resilient and resourceful. Given your commitment to your health and well-being in the form of your newfound sobriety, what should you do to protect your health while enjoying the holidays to the fullest possible extent?

First and foremost, you should protect the health of any older family members as the virus poses the highest risk of death to those 65 and older. The best way to protect this high risk group, unfortunately, is allowing them to self-quarantine and avoid contact with others who may be carrying the virus. Luckily, technological advancements allow us to stay connected virtually when we cannot be physically present. FaceTime with your elderly family members often during the holidays, especially when younger family is gathered together so you can feel close despite the physical distance between you.

For the sake of your own health, you should be cautious who you surround yourself with this holiday season. Before meeting up with family members, check with them if they have had any symptoms or possible exposure to the virus in the weeks leading up to your family gathering. If you are feeling uncertain of the health of some members of your family who will be present at the celebration, opt to wear a mask while you are in any indoor spaces. Do not feel embarrassed by this decision, and if anyone makes any inquiries as to the reason behind the mask, simply say you are invested in your health and well-being now that you are in recovery.

The surge of coronavirus we are currently experiencing here in the United States demands we take steps to protect our health and the health of our loved ones. It is possible to enjoy traditional holiday celebrations while taking precautions to prevent the spread of the virus both to ourselves and to our older family members. Certainly these current conditions are far from ideal, but as the serenity prayer says we must accept the things we cannot change. Be thankful you are alive and well this holiday season, and protect your health so you can enjoy next year’s celebrations in sobriety as well!


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